Sherwin's Irridescent Shinner (Page 1 of 16)

The Irridescent Shiner is a Bass Fly. It can be tied as either a dry or wet fly. It can also be used with spin tackle for trolling. I have had great success, fishing for smallmouth on the Youghiogheny river with this design. When fished with flycast tackle, retrieve the fly in short fast bursts and be ready for hard hits. When trolled, use a small needle bobber on the line ahead of the fly, to set how deep it runs. I usually put a split shot about 1 and 1/2 feet ahead of the fly, when I troll it from the back of my canoe running the Yough from Connellsville to Smithton.


Hook: Extra Long Shank Hook (Dime in picture shows size of hook used for these instructions)

Head/Body/Fins/Tail: White Metalic Spectrum Chord (Walmart or Ames Craft Dept). Cut three 1/2 inch pieces from the end of the rope, and unravel them to form three 1/2 inch wide crinkly ribbons.

Eyes: Plastic bubble googly eyes from craft store

Weighting: Weighting Wire ( for wet version only )

Thread: Heavy Red Rayon Thread (Used because of high lustre and bulk)

Cement: cyano-acrylic (Krazy Glue)

1.....Mount the hook, level in the vise. Be certain that the point is not exposed, as the rayon thread cuts very easily. I tie most of my flies with barbless or de-barbed hooks but not this one.