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This Site is Under Construction! Soon this page will contain links to my fly designs. All of my Dry Fly Designs feature realistic looking "Spectrum Chord" wings, in either Clear, Gold or Black. Although there is much argument over the importance of wings in a dry fly, I have taken the route of using a realistic looking material that GREATLY enhances visibility of the fly to the fisherman. The irridescent material, shines like a jewel on the water surface, making even a size #28 fly clearly visible to the fisherman, without freightening the fish. This allows you to catch more fish, because you do not loose track of your fly as frequently as with other designs.

The image in the center shows me behind my signature design, "Sherwin's Red Head Wooly Wasp".

I reserve copyright on all my fly designs. You are free to tie and use these designs for your personal use and to give to others. I only ask, that you please prepend my name to any descriptions, gifts or displays of flies tied to any of my designs as in

Sherwin's Red Head Wooly Wasp

If you wish to use any of my designs commercially, please contact me at:

Send Comments to: sherwin@sherwin.ws

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